Color by Sight Words Journeys 1st Grade Units 1-6 Supplemental Resource - Teacher Jeanell
Color by Sight Words Journeys 1st Grade Units 1-6 Supplemental Resource - Teacher Jeanell
Color by Sight Words Journeys 1st Grade Units 1-6 Supplemental Resource - Teacher Jeanell
Color by Sight Words Journeys 1st Grade Units 1-6 Supplemental Resource - Teacher Jeanell
Color by Sight Words Journeys 1st Grade Units 1-6 Supplemental Resource - Teacher Jeanell
Color by Sight Words Journeys 1st Grade Units 1-6 Supplemental Resource - Teacher Jeanell

Color by Code Journeys First Grade Sight Words Supplemental Resource

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  • Perfect For: Morning Work, Early Finishers, Centers, and Take-Home Practice
  • Pages: 30 Color by Code Sheets and Answer Keys
  • Grades: 1st
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Journeys Sight Words Color by Code is the perfect activity to help first-grade students gain mastery of sight words. With each word assigned a color code, students can challenge their critical thinking and problem-solving skills by matching the colors to each word to complete the page. This creative activity encourages meaningful engagement while helping young learners learn and memorize new sight words efficiently and enjoyably. This educational tool also enhances literacy development, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination--all essential components for long-term academic success. 

Words Included

  • Lesson 1: and, be, help, you, play, with
  • Lesson 2: for, what, have, he, look, too
  • Lesson 3: do, find, funny, sing, no, they
  • Lesson 4: all, does, here, me, my, who
  • Lesson 5: friend, full, good, hold, many, pull
  • Lesson 6: away, call, come, every, hear, said
  • Lesson 7: animal, how, make, of, some, why
  • Lesson 8: her, now, our, she, today, would
  • Lesson 9: after, draw, pictures, read, was, write
  • Lesson 10: eat, give, one, put, small, take
  • Lesson 11: blue, cold, for, little, live, their, water, where
  • Lesson 12: been, brown, know, never, off, out, own, very
  • Lesson 13: down, fall, goes, green, grow, new, open, yellow
  • Lesson 14: four, five, into, over, starts, three, two, watch
  • Lesson 15: bird, both, eyes, fly, long, or, those, walk
  • Lesson 16: around, because, before, bring, carry, light, show, think
  • Lesson 17: about, could, sure, by, don't, there, car, maybe
  • Lesson 18: first, right, under, food, sometimes, your, ground, these
  • Lesson 19: done, paper, were, great, soon, work, laugh, talk
  • Lesson 20: door, old, want, more, try, wash, mother, use
  • Lesson 21: few, night, loudly, window, noise, story, shall, world
  • Lesson 22: baby, follow, years, begins, learning, young, eight, until
  • Lesson 23: again, boy, nothing, along, father, together, began, house
  • Lesson 24: ready, country, soil, kinds, earth, almost, covers, warms
  • Lesson 25: buy, myself, school, city, party, seven, family, please
  • Lesson 26: above, pushed, teacher, bear, studied, toward, even, surprised
  • Lesson 27: always, different, enough, happy, high, near, once, stories
  • Lesson 28: across, ball, cried, head, heard, large, second, should
  • Lesson 29: caught, took, listen, thought, minute, idea, beautiful, friendship
  • Lesson 30: brothers, everyone, field, loved, most, only, people, sorry


JOURNEYS Disclaimer: These materials were prepared by Teacher Jeanell and have neither been developed, reviewed, nor endorsed by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, publisher of the original JOURNEYS work on which this material is based.

What teachers are saying... 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "I purchased this resource for the purpose of early finisher work. The students have gotten to the point where they request sight word coloring to take home. I highly recommend!" 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Class favorite this year with my students! They know this is one of our Friday activities and if we don't get to, they ask where it is and how soon can they get it. Definitely will be using this in years to come."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "My students work a lot on their sight words that they get every week. This resource is amazing! It has totally changed how they feel about practicing their words. They get so happy to see the final outcome as well."

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